StMy Story ory 

Let me introduce my self , and share my story little bit 


I was born and raised in Japan Tokyo . 

Although  my family (parents and a older brother) were not Christian 

I think I was very creative and expressive and love music and dance. 

I enjoyed singing or creating stories with my older brother  . 


But when I was 13 years old, I have experienced severe rejection at my  school , so I was very hurt and confused.

 I decided to isolate myself from others to protect myself.  I was super quite in high school days.  my life was very boring without joy and passion and dream. 

But I started learn English at the English class run by the Church , and them I met " Christian " and they are missionary from US . My mind was closed to gospel but their JOY and acceptance made me wanted what they have ..not knowing that was exactly essence of Jesus !! 

Grow up in autistic culture of Japan ( traditional religion & communism in my case ) my view of GOD or whose who believe in God were weak people , so I was not seeking or did not open my heart to Jesus that time . 

I was singing praise songs and have heard bible story but did not want to believe about one year . 

Later I found that there was specific prayer for me . I am so grateful 

3rd year of my high school, I went job interview . 

Before they give me an answer some what they called me 

and said 「We are not sure whom to hire , so you have 50%

possibility getting job here」

Well, I was 18 years old and I was quickly frozen by fear . 

That night I could not fall sleep , so I said to God " God if you are real , take away my fear " .I was not sure if God exist or I was not Christian . 

Next morning , I woke up such a peaceful atmosphere . 

And I understood that God took away my fear , because I did not 

feel any fear. Then I knew THIS GOD IS TRUE , then in my heart 

I heard very clear voice said " it 's time to be a Christian , don't miss it !! " 

now i think that was funny /interesting but it was so natural to me . 

so I became Christian 1991 September . 

This is how I met Jesus my Lord . 

I was saved and been saved !!  

This was  how my life of adventure begun.  


I am changed , adn have been transforming by his truth and power of the holy spirit . 

I was sad , loney , angry dreamless person.

In Him , I am  joyful , loved and accepted and passionate and powerful. Thank you Jesus !


About one year after I give my life to Jesus , I was let to move to 

Okinawa for Discipleship Training School of Youth With A Mission 

I met our Heavenly Daddy through teaching on Father heart of God , and He gave me desire to serve with YWAM DTS 

I was 21 years old when I let first Tokyo DTS , then about 10 years I was serving through YWAM DTS in Okinawa , Tokyo ( Oume ) , Switzerland . All of those YWAM seasons He took me to 15 countries for mission trip. I did not really had stable finance yet some how God provided what I needed to do what I am called to do 


God did so much healing to my life in this time , yet I did not know 

who I was . so I burned out and left YWAM . 

But God is so loving and kind and wonderful, He opened door for me to go and lived Kelowna BC Canada for about 3 years . 

Peter & Anne -Marie Helms (Faith Builders  Ministry ) took me to under their wings. I am so thankful for every opportunity for Life in Jesus Christ , sings and wonders prophetic ministries and joyful cooking and precious gardening, living with many great people from nations ( mostly from Europe) ..

So much of my identity as a daughter of God added to me this season .      

In 2007 I was let to start Faith Builders Japan .

While I was part of prophetic evangelism team with a local church .

And God started opened door for me to go to Kansai ( west part of Japan , Osaka ,Kobe, Nara ) and Okianawa ( South Island of Japan) and other places for equipping saints , working with local churches , running small seminar , ladies groups etc...  


So this year , 2o19 , right before I walk into my 25th anniversary of 

serving the Lord ( amazing privileged years !!) I felt like He asked me 

to ask Him for new assignment ! So I asked for it and I got one . 

My adventure Episode  2 is going to start soon . 

My life story got longer than what I plan to share 

But thank you so much for taking take to read ! 

I hope to see you in my up date blog and news letters !!

Nobuko Soma 


Faith Builders Japan 


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